Burger Dry Aged

Code Description Size (lbs) Pc / Case
FLN87000 Flannery Ground Beef Dry Aged Regular 60 oz 2
FLN87001 Flannery Ground Beef Dry Aged Coarse 60 oz 2

primal: Burger 80/20 Dry Aged


Sizing: 2 ea 5# vacuum packages


Holstein Breed: Sourced from USDA Prime Holstein cattle within California and Arizona.  The main primal used in our Ground Beef blends are the Prime Chuckrolls. As like any other primal, even though all are graded Prime, there are swings in the amount of marbling and fat from piece to piece. It is the fat that is 80% responsible for the flavor in our unaged blend, but with this blend, we have introduced another flavor element, so we are looking at 2 main flavor components: fat, as to be expected, but additionally, the umami effect of the dry cured trim. In our dry aging process, all our Prime Ribeyes and Striploins are exposed to air for between 14 and 28 days. What in effect is happening is that we are creating a form of Bresaola- air cured beef! We replace about 25% by volume of the Prime Chuck with this air cured beef. Our target as with our other blend is a 20% to 22% fat ratio by volume, so we can keep the fat level constant, while noticeably bumping up the flavor profile.

Textures:  We offer two different grind options on each blend; these are controlled by the holes on the grinding plate through which the beef is ground. For the basic grind we use a 3/16 plate which refers to the uniform diameter of the holes in the plate. For the burger we classify as coarse, the plate size is 3/8. To put in perspective, 3/16 is the most common size- like you would see in a grocery store. The 3/8 size is sometimes referred to as a “chili” plate because it is a larger, coarser grind. The 3/16 will excel on either a grill or a flattop while the 3/8 is tricky on a grill, but over the top on a flat surface. The reason it is hard on the grill, is that when forming patties, it does not adhere as easily as the regular grind, and if not careful can break apart on a grill. With the 3/8 size, you can introduce the notion of texture to the burger and it becomes quite interesting and different in a great way, so absolutely worth the effort to get the uniqueness.

Age: With this item, we blend in 20/25% of the volume with Dry aged Rib Eye and New York Strip ends. This is an important distinction, as we are able to identify the amount of age per burger. Other dry aged burgers are created from aging a whole primal (chuck, shoulder etc.) then grinding the entire primal. Problem here is only the surface actually develops the aged flavor, so as a matter of course, the actual aged portion will probably be under 5% of the blend. Ours delivers the flavor you are looking for. The difference is noticeable.



Shelf Life: 5-7 Days in original packaging

Packaging: Ground Beef is vacuum sealed in 5# units and is packed 2 to a box in a Flannery Beef custom carton. This will greatly add to the shelf life as likelihood of package failure in transit is diminished. We are comfortable with up to 7 days although we recommend keeping closer to 5 days.  One important note about Ground Beef; it is not unusual for the ground beef to lose its red color. This will occur with all vacuum-packed red meat but is the most pronounced with ground beef. Meat is red when the pigment myoglobin that is contained in blood is bound to oxygen. Vacuum sealers help preserve foods by taking out the oxygen thereby prevent oxidation from occurring. But interestingly meat can quickly turn brown in minutes when it is vacuum packed; when oxygen is removed from red meat the result is a brownish color. This normal color change will have no effect in any way on the cooked product.