Dry Aged Beef Ends

Code Description Size (lbs) Pc / Case
FLN90000 Flannery Dry Aged Ends, Frozen 80 oz (5#) 2

primal: Dry aged Primal facings

Dry Aged Beef Ends


Sizing: 2 ea 5# vacuum packages


Holstein Breed: Sourced from USDA Prime Holstein cattle within California and Arizona.  The origins for this product are the “outside faces” of the dry aged primals. These are the leading edges of the NY and Ribeye primals which will have the most significant drying and enhanced flavor qualities of each primal. This is because they are exposed from minute one and will have a higher degree of flavor enhancing transformation than the primal as a whole. One surface will be as you can imagine, quite dark, and that is the natural effect of dry aging. This item by the way, is exactly what we use to produce our dry aged burger blends. Think of them as slices of umami.


Textures:  The slices will average between ¼” and ½” inch in thickness; there will be some small amount of fat still attached (think of the fat on a NY strip) One important point, the slices will not be uniform as each package may have come from 10 to 15 separate primals with varying diameters.


Age: We use both the 14 day aged range and the 28 day age range, so it is safe to say the average blend will be 18 to 20 days of age. Anything past 14 days will deliver the desired result.



Shelf Life: Months – product is frozen immediately at point of production and is shipped frozen.

Packaging: Dry aged faces are vacuum sealed in 5# units and are packed 2 to a box in a Flannery Beef custom carton. Shipped frozen