Dry Aged Beef Fat

Code Description Size (lbs) Pc / Case
FLN91000 Flannery Aged Fat 1# 10

primal: Dry Aged Beef Fat

Product Description: Dry Aged Beef Fat

DRY AGED Fat Grind, 5/95



Sizing: 10 ea 1# vacuum packages

Holstein Breed: Sourced from USDA Prime Holstein cattle within California and Arizona.  The origin for this product is the fat trimmed off the aged primals when we are processing portion cut steaks. It is the fat that is 80% responsible for the flavor in our burger blends, and now we’ve created a flavor additive for many other uses. The reason we list this as “5/95” is that there will be slight flecks of meat in the grind, but extremely minimal. The most widespread use for this, is to render the fat, then sear/sauté a non-aged product (think hanger, tenderloin, flatiron) in the rendered fat, and you will be able to transfer a moderate dry aged flavor to the unaged steak. Other use are as many as your imagination.


Textures:  We offer only one grind option on this item; for the basic grind we use a 3/16 plate which refers to the uniform diameter of the holes in the plate. With the aim of rendering the fat easily, the smaller texture plate will facilitate a rapid and uniform transformation to a workable product.


Age: We use both the 14 day aged range and the 28 day age range with the ground fat, so it is safe to say the average blend will be 18 to 20 days of age. Anything past 14 days will deliver the desired result.



Shelf Life: Months – product is frozen immediately at point of production and is shipped frozen.

Packaging: Ground Fat is vacuum sealed in 1# units and is packed 10 to a box in a Flannery Beef custom carton. We purposely reduced the package size for this so as to give you more flexibility is both use and experimentation