Prime Chuck Roll

Code Description Size (lbs) Pc / Case
FLN80000 Flannery Chuck Roll Prime 20# 2

primal: Wet Age

Sizing: 20 # average

Holstein Breed: Sourced from USDA Prime Holstein cattle within California and Arizona. This is a whole chuck roll as opposed to a whole chuck. This is an important distinction, as the whole chuck carries a large amount of course meat, and tends to have a lot of cartilage ends especially in the neck meat. This requires a close inspection as the last thing you want in a burger is bits of cartilage. The chuck roll is more of a center cur sub-primal; the neck meat is removed, and the pieces are trimmed on both sides so it is almost a center cut of the chuck. Still a good idea to check for cartilage but would clearly be on the surface and easily observable. These chuck rolls are predominantly chuck eye filet, with a good portion of boneless chuck short ribs (zabuton/ flap); so with a little imagination, the different parts can be monetized beyond the value of chuck.

Age: No dry aging with this product. There really isn’t a valid reason to dry age this cut. The flavor will naturally jump because of the marbling, and more often than not, the cooking method will create the tenderness.


Shelf Life: 10-12 Days in original packaging


Packaging: The Chuck Rolls will arrive individually vacuum packaged and are packed 2 per case. We are comfortable with up to 12 days of shelf life, though the primal can go longer under ideal circumstances (but that would require inspecting each package to be sure they are still extremely tight). This is especially important with large format items as there will be a higher fail rate than with smaller surfaced portions