Prime Top Sirloin

Code Description Size (lbs) Pc / Case
FLN77000 Flannery Top Sirloin 14 to 14# 2

primal: Wet Age


Sizing: 12# to 14# average

Holstein Breed: Sourced from USDA Prime Holstein cattle within California and Arizona. The Top Sirloin is a remarkably overlooked sub primal. After the “Big 3”:  Filet, New York, and Rib Eye, it is the 4th best cut of meat. While one piece, it is comprised of 2 sections; the Sirloin Cap, (see Top Sirloin Cap on this app) and the Sirloin filet. I think the lack of popularity of this cut is that for food service, it is a difficult item to uniformly portion. It’s a somewhat trapezoidal shape, so portions will vary either in thickness or diameter. One of the attempts to utilize this is the “baseball” steak which is cut from the sirloin filet and adapts to the unusual shape.  A smaller weight  “Bistro” style sliced presentation would also adapt very nicely. We also are seeing used as tartare and carpaccio.


Age: No dry aging with this product currently. I think it would benefit from a couple of weeks dry age, so possibly, as this cut is re-discovered, we may want to introduce an aged version.


Shelf Life: 10-12 Days in original packaging


Packaging: The Top Sirloins will arrive individually vacuum packaged and are packed 2 per case. We are comfortable with up to 12 days of shelf life, though the primal can go longer under ideal circumstances (but that would require inspecting each package to be sure they are still extremely tight). This is especially important with large format items as there will be a higher fail rate than with smaller surfaced portions