Top Sirloin Cap

Code Description Size (lbs) Pc / Case
FLN76700 Flannery Sirloin Cap 32 oz to 64 oz 4 to 6

primal: Wet Aged

Prime Top Sirloin Cap

Sizing: Varies between 32 ounces and 64 ounces each


Holstein Breed: Sourced from USDA Prime Holstein cattle within California and Arizona.  This is the famous South American favorite alternately referred to a Pichana or Punta de Anca. They are triangular cuts that are a part of the Top Sirloin primal. Visually, there is a resemblance to the Tri Tip which is also a triangular cut attached to the Top Sirloin but the Cap is a more sophisticated cut. To my mind, the drama of the Sirloin cap is that it is one of the few sub primals that the packers purposely leave a noticeable amount of fat cap on. The fat thickness will usually be between ¾” and 1 1/4”; and if you are a fan of flavor as we are, that’s a tremendous enhancement.


Age: In terms of a dry aged product, we never age the Sirloin Caps. The main reason is that the trim factor after aging would be cost prohibitive. Wet aging will advance the tenderness at a slower rate than dry aging, but there will be some effect. Like the Tri Tip, there is a noticeable grain to the Cap; slicing perpendicular to the grain will provide the expected tenderness.


Shelf Life: 7-10 days

Packaging:  The Sirloin Caps will be vacuum packaged in single units and because of the size variation, are packed 4 to 6 per Flannery Beef custom carton. This will greatly add to the shelf life as likelihood of package failure in transit is diminished. We are comfortable with up to 10 days although we recommend keeping closer to 7 days. The caps can go longer under ideal circumstances, but that would require inspecting each package to be sure they are still extremely tight.