USDA Choice or Higher Hanger Steak

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Code Description Size (oz) Pc / Case
FLN 75200 Flannery Hanger Steak 60 oz. 2

portion: Hanger Steak


Sizing: 2 each 5# vacuum packages. The individual strips in each package will generally range between 10 oz and 15 oz per piece.


Holstein and Angus Breed: Sourced from USDA Prime Holstein cattle within California and Arizona, and Angus from the Midwest. We expand our sourcing here because there is only 1 hanger per head of cattle, so we need a larger population from which to draw. Hanger steaks will be trimmed of all exterior fascia, split lengthwise along the internal connective sinew, and all sinew removed. Once split, the two sides will not be the same size or thickness. Generally, on a 24 oz Hanger steak, one side will be about 10 oz and the other will be about 14 oz.  Another quirk of the Hanger steak is that whole hangers (pre trim) have a large swing in size- they can be as small as 1 ½ lbs. up to 2 ½ lbs. in the same lot. From a physiological standpoint, there is only 1 main difference between the breeds, and that is that the Holstein will tend to be smaller starting out than will the Angus. On a non-physiological standpoint, Holstein hangers are scarcer than Angus, and there can be times (generally large export demand) when they are not available on the market.

Age: In terms of a dry aged product, we never age the Hanger steaks. One reason is that the trim factor after aging would be cost prohibitive. Another, and in our minds more valid, is that the Hanger is so tender to begin with, dry aging will not noticeably improve this, and the existing flavor is perfect exactly where it is. The honest effect of aging a hanger would only be increasing the price through shrinkage and trim.



Shelf Life: 5-7 Days in original packaging

Packaging:  The Hangers will arrive completely cleaned of all fascia and are ready to use. They are vacuum packaged in 5# units and are packed 2 per Flannery Beef custom carton. This will greatly add to the shelf life as likelihood of package failure in transit is diminished. We are comfortable with up to 7 days although we recommend keeping closer to 5 days. The steaks can go longer under ideal circumstances, but that would require inspecting each package to be sure they are still extremely tight. We would rather you freeze rather than risk losing; Although, not dry aged, hangers by nature of their soft texture are also impervious to any detrimental effects of freezing.