Our History

The History of Flannery Beef

Flannery Beef is marinated in history.  My beef  immersion began in 1963 when my father Bryan Flannery, established Bryan’s Quality Meats within a small grocery store on California Street in San Francisco. The business is still in operation today and thriving, operated by my brothers.

My dad taught me the fundamentals:  build a reputation for quality and unsurpassed customer service.  Then, continue to earn the trust required to succeed in the competitive, sensory business of fine meats.  I learned as I traveled with him on trips to select the beef to purchase. Just like today, Prime beef only makes up about 7-10% of total graded production. I watched him and developed my own eye for the specific markers of premium beef and the tactile aspects of recognizing the best cuts.

As my experience in the business grew over the years, I was motivated by Dad’s constant vigilance: always learning, adapting, seeking ways to take his business to a higher level.  Staying one step ahead of competitors. Seeking innovation; yes, even in the relatively fundamental business of beef.

A quest for quality, pride in American beef  and an inherited restlessness to build a specialized premium niche in the restaurant business led me to launch Flannery Beef in 2008. Our premise is simple: simply the highest level of beef products available. Anywhere.

Another Flannery generation joined the enterprise in 2010:  my daughter Katie. She began a deeper involvement by getting intrigued by the e-commerce opportunity for our business. She improved the website…and became very much a part of the business direction.  She learned; she then went to a new level (it’s in the family blood!).  Katie began to learn the science side of our business, reaching out to scientists at a number of agriculture focused universities. With her drive, we were able to apply science to my intuition and decades of experience.

Together, we are exploring technologies to continue to build quality control, layered onto the business values of integrity, hard work, quality without compromise and doing what we say we will when we’ve promised to deliver it.

~Bryan Flannery